Company Profile

Global Crude & Petroleum Limited (GCP) is a privately owned and highly professional global facilitation company, who specialise in supplying a wide range of commodities to our international consumers.

As GCP has grown, the company can now offer an extensive range of diversified resources which includes oil, gas, minerals, agricultural and frozen meat products.

Our offices are located in Central, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo, Brazil, where GCP has established itself as being a company of integrity, utilising our platform of worldwide connections and reputable associated companies over many years of supplying a wide range of commodities to our international Buyers.

GCP aims to try to match the needs of our Buyer's resource requirements by providing positive solutions, as we deal with a number of companies worldwide when locating the various commodities that we can offer, which range from an extensive list of oil and gas products, coal, iron ore, to various minerals and different wood species, frozen meats together with a huge list of agricultural products and animal feed stocks.  As facilitators of these various products, we can supply very large shipments of these varied resources to both medium and large industrial Buyer's, including governments mainly located in Asia.

GCP has established itself as being a company that provides the very highest level of customer satisfaction.  Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge gained over many years in the industry, and together with our solid and reliable sources from oil refineries to prime food producers, we are focused on providing our Buyers with quality resources to SGS standards.

Please be assured at all times that Global Crude & Petroleum Limited, welcomes the opportunity of offering you our professional service to your needs.