Malcolm R. Raven
Chief Executive Officer 

Mr Raven - born and educated in the UK, has an international pedigree having travelled extensively and lived in various countries, which has enabled Mr Raven to gather a wealth of international business protocol, and being well versed when negotiating business with people of different cultures.

Mr Raven’s strength lies in project management systems, organisational, leadership and negotiation skills together with a few decades of sales and marketing experience.  Although only having been associated with the resource industry for the past eighteen years, Mr Raven has an excellent understanding within the industry and personally knows various captains of industry.

Mr Raven’s background is a qualified Engineer, Inventor and successful Entrepreneur, having gained valuable business experience over the past 40+ years, and having owned and operated a number of businesses employing several hundreds of personnel, engaged in an array of different businesses ranging from; a Design & Development Company, Precision Engineering Company, Plastic Injection Moulding Company and a Medical Products Sales & Marketing Company. He is a holder of 9 international patents.


Ian Kennedy
Global Project Director Resources

Mr Kennedy - born and educated in the UK, migrated to Australia in 1968 and has been connected with the mining industry worldwide for over forty years. He has lived and worked successfully as a Mining Engineer/Mine Manager/Project Director in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Zambia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Mr Kennedy's broad experience, particularly in the metalliferous mining industry, has included company and operational management at a senior executive level for the past thirty years. In particular, he has been involved in the gold mining industry for over twenty years. He has managed major gold mine expansions in Australia, New Zealand and new gold mine start-ups in Ghana and Indonesia. During his career he has worked for a number of major international mining companies including Anglo American, Conzinc RioTinto (CRA), Newcrest Mining, Normandy Mining and service companies such as Atlas Copco and Dames & Moore.

Mr Kennedy has developed an extensive network of mining industry contacts in Australia and many overseas countries including Canada and South America. His previous experience in the resources sector business development, project and construction management and engineering consultancy enables him to have direct access to many ASX listed companies at a corporate level.

George Georgescu
Director of European Operations 

Mr Georgescu - born and educated in Romania, studied at the University of Bucharest and has a degree in International Business Trade and is fluent in Romanian, English and French.

Mr Georgescu is an accomplished businessman with a demonstrated history of working in international trade with global contacts and has worked more than 20 years in a Romanian state foreign trade company ICE Industrial Export Import from Bucharest, supplying various petrochemical equipment for drilling rigs in the Middle East.

Mr Georgescu acted as a senior trader from 1992 - 1996 within the Romanian market for Sunoco Lubricants, as being the first promoters in this region with extensive expertise in sourcing and buying of various resources including Petroleum and Agro - Commodities.    

Mr Georgescu is particularly skilled in negotiation and management at all levels and has more than 30 years of trading experience, as a consultant in both Agro - Commodities and also has a prolific knowledge of Petroleum Products.

Professor Altemir Gregolin
Brazilian Fisheries & Aquaculture Associate Director 

Professor Altemir Gregolin - born and educated in Brazil, was the former Brazilian Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture from 2006 to 2010 in Brazil's Lula Government, where he was also Executive Secretary of the Special Secretariat of Aquaculture and Fisheries of the Presidency of the Republic, and Counsellor of BNDESPAR, which is the investment arm of Brazil's national development bank.

Professor Gregolin worked for 10 years as a director in city halls with emphasis on Chapecó - SC, where he was Secretary of Administration and Finance and Secretary of Government.

Professor Gregolin is currently Professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in the areas of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Public Management and Consultancy.  Professor Gregolin has enjoyed a successful professional career working in the public and private sectors for the past 8 years connecting with the resource industry, gaining valuable contacts and  as Associate Director, he is responsible for securing various fish and beef products.

Professor Gregolin studied MBA in Strategic and Economic Business Management of FGV and the Executive Program in Mergers and Acquisitions also at FGV.  Professor Gregolin has a Masters Degree in Planning and Rural Development Policies from UFRRJ and is also a Veterinary Doctor. 

Dr Thiago Pallone
Brazilian Petroleum & Agriculture Associate Director 

Dr Thiago Pallone - born and educated in Brazil. Thiago has been involved in international agricultural and petroleum commodities and is experienced in banking procedures, solving problems and communicating with different cultures.  Responsible for conducting multi-million dollar business transactions in the areas of all grains and animal proteins.

Dr Thiago as Associate Director of Global Crude & Petroleum Limited is responsible for securing various agricultural contracts, various grains and animal proteins, also Jet Fuel, LPG & LNG Gas and various Petroleum products, Diesel, Crude Oil etc.

Languages spoken Portuguese and English.

Mr Lloyd Lewis

Mr Lewis – born in Jamaica and educated in the UK, has travelled and lived in various countries, and has a wealth of experience which includes having spent several years in the water purification industry as project manager responsible for drilling water wells, storage and various water purification plants. Mr Lewis has also directed production and distribution for food processing plants.

Mr Lewis has extensive experience in Mechanical Electrical and Civil Engineering, being involved in all aspects of energy for the past eighteen years. Over this period Mr Lewis has gained a very thorough knowledge of the energy industry regarding oil and gas, having made many valuable contacts globally.