Global Crude & Petroleum Limited (GCP) has a realistic understanding of the oil industry which allows us to quickly assess the opportunity, and efficiently manage our Buyer’s resource requirements. The relationships with our strategic partners ensures a swift response, by optimising and making sure we can obtain the required allocations.

GCP pays particular attention to in-depth research ensuring proper checks are in place through our thorough process of due diligence, to quickly identify and eliminate any dubious offerings within the industry.  We endeavour to make sure that only credible suppliers are selected enabling only legitimate contracts are entered into, enabling GCP to provide the best advice and confidence to our Buyers, that strict procedures are adhered through to finalisation of contract.  

Our accumulation of knowledge in trading these various resources, combined with our extensive background of carefully selected suppliers, brings an extremely valuable sense of achievement in ensuring to the best of our endeavours that our transactions are successful.

All procedures and contracts will be conducted through the world’s Top 25 banks to ensure absolute transparency and providing a level of confidence to both Buyers and Sellers alike.

Should you have difficulties sourcing any particular products or you maybe looking for a more competitive price, terms or conditions, please contact Global Crude & Petroleum Limited as we will do our very best in trying to assist you and allow us an opportunity to work both with and for you, to our mutual benefit.

Therefore, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to forward them to: and ensure a prompt response to your request within 24 hours.